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I’m going through all my images  saved on Pinterest and my stash of pages ripped out of magazines and I’m realising that I’ve ‘squirreled’ away lots of images of ruffles. I’ve got them in every guise. My particular favourites are from Gucci’s winter collection  and


Most ruffles will be knitted by machine and sewn onto the garment later, some are knitted into hems, and as borders as part of the silhouette. Depending on the scale of the ruffles, the end results are nearly always a little sculptural. Some are worked in really fine gossamer yarn and the effect is quite feminine and delicate. However, hand knitted in a chunky yarn on big needles they can make a silhouette look really quite dramatic.

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Global traveller mood boardI’m surrounded with my new  fibre discoveries for the season, a bit of eco wool alpaca, an uber chunky Alpaca blend roving and a fabulous alpaca chainette, and then something occurs to me? It’s all about the alpaca... I know I’m drawn to it because I have an unhealthy relationship with luxury yarns, having spent a large proportion of my career surrounded by cashmere. But this season it just  seems like everyone is  pushing it.  And I couldn’t be happier, it creates just the right balance of bulk without the extra weight and adds a soft halo to everything that’s produced in it, much like cashmere but a fraction of the cost.


It’s especially cost effective as it works up very light and I’ve found that I can usually work my designs in a needle or two sizes bigger to give me even more air and loft. I put in my yarn order today and have already started to mutilate the yarn cards that have tiny shreds of my favoured fibres.  Armed with a new sketchbook and with my mood boards taking shape I’ll be counting the days until my yarns arrive.

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London Fashion Week

18/09/2011 16:46

The buzz around London fashion week always gives me goose bumps. It’s getting so cold outside and we’re all bundling ourselves up in winter woollies but inside the catwalks it’s all bikinis and sundresses as this is the time of year the designers show S/S 2012. 

I keep abreast of what’s happening through daily email feeds from the shows and through Knitwear is never a priority for this season but it’s always good to see the emerging silhouettes as a trend is a trend and can be translated into knitwear. I often make note of the popular sleeve proportions or pattern and stitch interests, and they often start in spring and are re-explored in winter.  Interestingly knitwear is often a compliment to a total look for example, what will the new trouser leg proportions be as it will influence how my knitwear works.  I attend trend presentations that forecast the trends a year out, so I’ll be getting my notes out and seeing which designers  took note and which chose their own path.

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Last day of summer

06/09/2011 17:03

Aspen cardigan31st August 2011 - Found myself in Edinburgh for my wedding anniversary and just had to do a bit of window shopping. First stop was Harvey Nichols to check out what designers are up to. Stores switched from summer to Autumn in early July so all the Fall collections were in.


This really is my favourite time of the year when I get to see how all the designers have interpreted the trends of the season.


Cove hatThere were lots of oversized beanies and super chunky cable knits, lots of cape like silhouettes and plenty of snoods. It’s always a wee bit of a relief to see my designs are on trend and are in keeping with what’s on sale.


The price tags make me shudder though and it’s here that I realize that making it for yourself really does pay off.


Knitting your own designer cardigan or hat really is cheaper than buying it and you don’t need to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same design especially if you customize it.

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I’m starting to pull together my mood boards for the next season and getting excited about all the new designs ahead of me. My knitting needles are poised and at the ready! I’m thinking of continuing with the modern heritage collection as it seems so appropriate to the trend forecasts I’ve seen to date. There seems to be a real revival for all things handmade and artisan in feel which is perfect for hand knitting.


Winter collections are hitting the stores now and I’m getting excited that my designs seem so relevant for the season ahead.


My son bought me a knitting kit for knitting a miniature Ninja. Very cute!

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