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Needs must

11/12/2011 13:06

Morgan snoodConsidering I am a knitwear designer you would think my loved ones would have an abundance of hats and scarves and sumptuous sweaters, well you would be wrong.


My prototypes are much too precious to be worn out in public (well it’s different when I wear them, that’s research!) and they’re much too loyal to parade themselves in front of me in someone else’s creations and so this is the dilemma.  My family are knit-less


Take the ‘Morgan snood’, designed this time last year for its namesake, my niece.  It’s an oversized cowl in a chunky lace and cable pattern, designed to keep her warm and fashionable, however I’ve still got it! Perhaps I’ll make an early (or late depends on your perspective) Christmas present of it, and learn to part with my creations rather than burdening my family with cupboards and cupboards of samples.


My husband is freezing, as I’ve no time to indulge him and knit a sweater let alone a scarf or a hat for that matter, but I keep telling him that I’d heard an old wives tale that if you knit for your man you’ll soon lose him. It’s been 20 years and I can honestly say I’ve held that old wives tale in high regard and have knitted him nothing (for the sake of our relationship – really!) And what about my son, well he’s 7 now and he just keeps growing, how do I predict what height he’ll be by the time I’m finished the project it’s enough to stop you starting!


But it’s freezing here in Scotland and ‘needs must’ so needles at the ready a hat for each of them for Christmas (I didn’t say which Christmas!?)

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Feeling nostalgic

10/10/2011 19:36

Jonah with milk bottleMy son is nearly seven and already picks out his own clothes, which sadly marks the end of my days as his personal stylist. Although he still lovingly wears his mummy's hats and scarves (I’m channelling the boy band look) I have never attempted to work a sweater for him since the ‘milk bottle’ one (that my family affectionately call it).


It was my first sweater for my first child and it took until he was a toddler to finish it, with much adjusting as he kept growing! It’s still one I’m very proud of as he looks so happy in it. Recently my husband suggested I make another one (considerably sized up of course!) as he also has fond memories when our son wore it. When our son said he’d be happy to wear it I knew I was on to a winner. So with his birthday on the horizon I’d better get the calculator out and my needles and get on with it.


Now if he wore it with skinny denims, a slouchy beanie hat and timberland boots....................... (wishful thinking!)

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