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More photos - part 2

17/08/2011 16:16

I’ve now got my own Flickr account and have started uploading images from the Modern Heritage collection. There are some that do not appear on this website, and I will be uploading images from earlier collections, including my Cashmere collection.


The link to my photostream is


Please visit and share the images with you friends and other knitters!

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More photos - part 1

17/08/2011 16:08

Nick Callaghan logoNick Callaghan, the photographer who does all my shoots, has uploaded a set of images from the July shoot for the Modern Heritage collection.


Although the images will be appearing on my site soon, in the gallery and on the pattern pages, I thought you may like to know that you can visit his site to get a sneak preview. And you can also see the other great work he does!


Click on his name above to visit his site.

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Nick and Sarah on photo shoot


Following on from my earlier post, here is an image from behind the scenes at the photo shoot at the end of July.


The photo shows Nick Callaghan ( – the photographer who has done all my photography over the years - setting up a photo of Sarah, who always does a great job modelling the garments!

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Photo shoot for new patterns

01/08/2011 21:09

Oscar wearing dog coat

Had a great photo shoot with Nick Callaghan last week for my new collection ‘Modern Heritage II’. It went without a hitch, we managed to get it all into one day and I am thrilled with the results. This means we can get the next batch of patterns out next week.  Look out for my niece modelling the Morgan snood and my dog Oscar in his coat. Sarah did another great job modelling the new collection.


The graphics team are going to try to put up a gallery of the images to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Check out the Gallery to see the images as they're posted.

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