Packing for a 5 day trip to France, with restrictions on weight of my luggage, had me for the ‘first time’ abandon my usual habit of packing my knitting needles and all my knitting paraphernalia; feeling certain I wouldn’t need them. Heck, the weather was sure to be great and there’d be too much to do to sit and knit.


How wrong I was! While the UK was having snow storms (only made stranger by the fact we were all basking in sunshine days earlier), France got rain and lots of it. Day 4, out of pure creative desperation I persuaded my dad to fashion some needles from 2 bamboo, garden canes, (coincidently, a good match for 15mm knitting needles). He set to sharpening the ends while I ripped my PJ bottoms into strips to make yarn with it! The project started as a little bag for pegs but ended up an even smaller bag for soap! Should’ve done a tension swatch and done the maths but I was feeling reckless.


A good friend of mine, and self confessed ‘crafter’, admitted to making a quilted throw out of her children’s old PJs. She couldn’t bear to throw them out, nit with all the happy memories attached to them. This seems a lovely end or beginning for these loved textiles.

And so with a bit of foresight (or a check of the weather forecast, at least) I could have packed my needles and a bunch of T-shirts passed their best. Then my mum would have got her peg bag and I would have had more space in my luggage on the return flight for shopping! There’s a moral in there somewhere..........