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Hampshire cardiganI recently blogged about my inability to part with my precious prototypes and test knit samples, but the time has come! I’ve literally run out of space in my IKEA cupboards and I can’t bear the thought of ripping them down and turning them into something new, so I’ve started to prepare them to leave me and take up their place in someone else’s cupboard.


Kelly in cashmereI’ll be parting with some 100% super chunky Italian Cashmere pieces from the Jo Storie Cashmere Collection, that once graced the racks of London Fashion week at the Exhibition, some pieces from the Jo Storie Ecology collections and some pieces which have further celebrity status having walked the catwalk of the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh and were given space in Scotland on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph. Each design will come with its own little biography, to help re-home it. Maybe like some of my patterns, the new owners will keep me in touch with their readjustment to life on the outside (of my studio).


So if you are not signed up already to my newsletter, I’d suggest you do it soon, as subscribers will be the first to know when and where the first Jo Storie sample sale will take place.

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Needs must

11/12/2011 13:06

Morgan snoodConsidering I am a knitwear designer you would think my loved ones would have an abundance of hats and scarves and sumptuous sweaters, well you would be wrong.


My prototypes are much too precious to be worn out in public (well it’s different when I wear them, that’s research!) and they’re much too loyal to parade themselves in front of me in someone else’s creations and so this is the dilemma.  My family are knit-less


Take the ‘Morgan snood’, designed this time last year for its namesake, my niece.  It’s an oversized cowl in a chunky lace and cable pattern, designed to keep her warm and fashionable, however I’ve still got it! Perhaps I’ll make an early (or late depends on your perspective) Christmas present of it, and learn to part with my creations rather than burdening my family with cupboards and cupboards of samples.


My husband is freezing, as I’ve no time to indulge him and knit a sweater let alone a scarf or a hat for that matter, but I keep telling him that I’d heard an old wives tale that if you knit for your man you’ll soon lose him. It’s been 20 years and I can honestly say I’ve held that old wives tale in high regard and have knitted him nothing (for the sake of our relationship – really!) And what about my son, well he’s 7 now and he just keeps growing, how do I predict what height he’ll be by the time I’m finished the project it’s enough to stop you starting!


But it’s freezing here in Scotland and ‘needs must’ so needles at the ready a hat for each of them for Christmas (I didn’t say which Christmas!?)

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London Fashion Week

18/09/2011 16:46

The buzz around London fashion week always gives me goose bumps. It’s getting so cold outside and we’re all bundling ourselves up in winter woollies but inside the catwalks it’s all bikinis and sundresses as this is the time of year the designers show S/S 2012. 

I keep abreast of what’s happening through daily email feeds from the shows and through Knitwear is never a priority for this season but it’s always good to see the emerging silhouettes as a trend is a trend and can be translated into knitwear. I often make note of the popular sleeve proportions or pattern and stitch interests, and they often start in spring and are re-explored in winter.  Interestingly knitwear is often a compliment to a total look for example, what will the new trouser leg proportions be as it will influence how my knitwear works.  I attend trend presentations that forecast the trends a year out, so I’ll be getting my notes out and seeing which designers  took note and which chose their own path.

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