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Alternative yarns - part 2

16/09/2011 18:00

Kelly in cashmereThere are so many beautiful yarns out there at the moment, my stash is a little obscene (don’t tell my husband, but thank goodness for Ikea storage!)


I’ve just picked up a fabulous yarn called Alpaca chunky from Rowan which is an Alpaca blend and is for chunky 10mm needles – right up my street.  It’s a chainette yarn which I can’t wait to swatch up and staple it in my sketch book. I used to drool over yarn like this at Pitti Filati (yarn trade show in Florence) when I was designing for the American market. They were usually too expensive for retailers though.


With my own collection and without the worry of how I’m going to manufacture it, I can work with what I love which is nice. Naturally though some of my finds are too difficult for all knitters to find and I’m now working hard to try to find alternatives. I blogged a little while ago about a design called ‘Kelly’ which started life in chunky Italian cashmere (swoon!) I’ve been struggling to find a worthy match and started the search with Rowans Pure life wool but the end result just wasn’t what I was looking for, however  I think ’alpaca chunky’ will do the trick, so on with the development. I think it would be great to hear from other knitters what their favourite yarns are at the moment and I can take some of the guess work out of my research.


Here are some of the swatches I worked up in Alpaca Chunky for the ‘Kelly’ design.

Kelly swatch in chunky alpaca

Kelly swatch in chunky alpaca

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My Stash

14/09/2011 11:08

My yarn stashI have an obsessive, compulsive habit and I feel the need to off load it. Don’t worry it’s all clean and legal, read on......


I can’t stop hoarding yarn. I have baskets within boxes within great big cupboards and it’s spilled out of my home studio and into my husband’s office. I’ve bags under beds, in the loft and even in the car! Shocking right? It feels good to confess. I recently started to give it away. It wasn’t easy and I still miss it, although the recipient was thrilled!


But enough is enough, my son needs the storage for his obsessive compulsive habit of hoarding transformer toys (mmm sounds familiar?) And so I’ve decided to use it for small scale runs of limited edition accessories and sell them to probably buy more yarn.

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15/08/2011 17:31

Kelly cardiganI’ve had a number of lovely emails about the article in last month’s ‘Knitting magazine’. Fifteen people have gone on to ask about one design in particular (‘Kelly’).


It’s great that that so many people seem to like it and the big question has been ‘when will it be available for download?’

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Scottish Textiles Article

08/08/2011 20:53

Scottish Textiles CoverI was featured in the most recent edition of the Scottish Textiles magazine.


The lead article on knit wear trends ‘knitwear to dye for’ featured my Navajo cardigan. The article discussed the trends for Autumn/Winter 11/12 – reporting that  Fair Isle knitwear is ‘in vogue’ and that chunky knits have been much in evidence in recent Fashion Weeks.


More Fair Isle patterns will be available soon - a Navajo cushion cover and a Navajo bed throw, and many new patterns will use Chunky weight yarn.

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