Hampshire cardiganI recently blogged about my inability to part with my precious prototypes and test knit samples, but the time has come! I’ve literally run out of space in my IKEA cupboards and I can’t bear the thought of ripping them down and turning them into something new, so I’ve started to prepare them to leave me and take up their place in someone else’s cupboard.


Kelly in cashmereI’ll be parting with some 100% super chunky Italian Cashmere pieces from the Jo Storie Cashmere Collection, that once graced the racks of London Fashion week at the Exhibition, some pieces from the Jo Storie Ecology collections and some pieces which have further celebrity status having walked the catwalk of the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh and were given space in Scotland on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph. Each design will come with its own little biography, to help re-home it. Maybe like some of my patterns, the new owners will keep me in touch with their readjustment to life on the outside (of my studio).


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