Well............... ‘Kelly’ was originally designed as part of a small bespoke cashmere collection and made to be sold as a finished product. It was worked in super chunky Italian cashmere from Biagioli Modesto and the yarn was called ‘Scotzia’. This is a really sumptuous yarn and I chose to work it in 2 ends on chunky needles.  I think what comes across really well in the photography is just how luxurious and soft it is. The model (called Kelly) also wears it very well. As beautiful and luxurious as this yarn is, it is not available as a commercial yarn to knitters and so the search for a worthy substitute began. Even if it was it would cost an absolute fortune to knit as it was the equivalent to 24ply cashmere! I had thought about using an Alpaca alternative but to be honest it would still have been very expensive to knit.


My search took me to Rowan’s Pure Life Chunky undyed wool.  An all British natural fibre, it is 100% pure wool and although it’s not cashmere it has the correct bulk and feel without any extra weight. The design had to be rewritten to accommodate the yarn substitution and has to be test knitted to make sure the end result is as luxurious as the cashmere original. It is in the pipeline and being worked on, so, fingers crossed ‘Kelly’ will be on the website and available to download very soon!